The Best Doterra Essential Oils

Hope everyone has had a great week! I wanted to do a post on my favorite Doterra Essential Oils. It all started when I lived in China years ago. I got a terrible stomach bug and a friend of mine introduced me to Doterra. These oils did not cure what I had but they provided relief to the symptoms I was experiencing. I have grown to love these oils and can’t live without them… especially when traveling! These oils are harnessed from natures most powerful elements and their aromas can relieve stress, anxiety, & provide temporary relief to aches and pains. Doterra has so many wonderful oils but here is a review of a few of my favorites…


  1. PEPPERMINT: THE HOLY GRAIL OF OILS! The reason I love this oil so much is it has so many uses! It can provide relief for stress & tension in the muscle. I use this all the time for my headaches and menstrual cramps. Can’t seem to cool down after a hot shower, work out, or a hot flash? Put some peppermint on the back of your neck to cool down. Need a little pick-me-up in the morning? Apply two drops in palms, rub hands together, and cup mouth. Breathe deeply! Peppermint also helps for nausea. I’ll never forget, I was on a bus in Istanbul and started to feel nauseas. I got out my mini traveling peppermint and started to breathe it in. While it still ended in a classy disaster, it gave me the comfort I needed to get through the nausea. Bad breathe and don’t have a mint? No problem! One drop of this and you won’t need any mints! This oil also helps digestion, anxiety, and muscle aches.
  2. PATCHOULI: This oil helps balance out emotions and can be used to reduce blemishes and give a healthy glow! It can also be used to repel insects or mosquitos. I love diffusing this and meditating. I feel that the aroma is very calming and I LOVE the smell.
  3. ON GUARD: This is my favorite blend for traveling. It is formulated to support healthy immune function and protects against environmental threats. I like to put a drop or two on my tongue when I feel a cold coming. Or when I get onto a bus or airplane. I feel it kills tons of bacteria! They also make a toothpaste, foaming hand soap & laundry detergent. Their protecting throat drops are my favorite!
  4. LAVENDER: I LOVE Lavender. Especially at night. I put this on the bottoms of my feet at night (or on my pillow) before I go to bed. Lavender can sooth irritated skin and eases muscle tension. Add to bath water and soak away the stress and rub on pimple or bug bite to reduce swelling.
  5. BERGAMOT: This oil smells so good and has a very calming aroma. This can really help with stress & anxiety. I love the smell. Someone always asks me what I’m wearing when I put this one. I think it puts everyone around you in a calmer and happier mood.
  6. DEEP BLUE: I don’t necessarily care for the oil but I LOVE the rub. I have had back pain lately and this has really helped ease it. It also works well for sore muscles and cramps. I usually put this and peppermint combined. Deep blue is my number one when it comes to sore muscles & cramps.

You need these oils in your life. I’m telling you! Shop for these oils now here!