Life is too short…buy the lipstick

I’ll admit, I’m a lipstick junkie. Ever since I was 14, I’ve always loved colorful lipstick. At that time, my friends were always wearing frosty pink and shiny silver lip colors so I followed the trend. In high school and college, I started experimenting with bold lip colors and became obsessed. Some people feel they cannot pull off a dark lip but I encourage you to try it! How will you know if you never try? I wanted to do a review on my top 5 favorite lipsticks as of late. They are bold, long lasting, and moisturizing. Would love to hear some of your favorite lipsticks! Leave a comment below! 1. MAC SATIN LIPTSTICK

Color: REBEL

Price: $17.50

Every time I wear this lipstick, someone ALWAYS asks me “where is your lipstick from?” Rebel is truly a statement. It is a rich plum color but also very vibrant. It is the BEST color! Especially during Fall and Winter. This is a very bold color but it’s not too dark. It’s STUNNING. I always seem to come back to Rebel. This color also goes with every skin tone. Looking for a bold red lip from MAC? Try Ruby Woo (a Taylor Swift fav) or Russian Red. Go try this color on at MAC! Or click on the product below to be directed to it. You seriously won’t regret buying this one!



Color: Dirty Minds

Price: $27.00

I love this lip pencil! My favorite color is “Dirty Minds” but I also love the color “Bahama” for an every day look. I feel I don’t need lip liner with this one as it is very precise. It is very smooth, creamy, and feels like velvet on the lips. This matte lipstick stays on all night and is not as drying as some other matte lipsticks. This dark color has been my go-to lippie for going out dancing or on a date. It is VERY dark & seductive. It’s expensive but it’s worth the price as it is very good quality. Click on the lipstick to check out other colors!



Price: $20.00

I bought this lipstick for myself for graduation. I did not think it would turn into one of my lipstick staples. When I wear this dark mauve lipstick, I feel it makes my lips look plump (Kylie Jenner style) and gives me huge confidence as it is a very striking color. One thing I love about this lip color is that it stays on even when eating (better than any other liquid lipsticks) and also it’s not as drying like other liquid lipsticks. Definitely one of my favorite lippies!



COLOR: American Doll

Price: $20.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills was my first introduction into the world to matte lips. One of my favorite reds is “American Doll.” This lipstick is extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way. It is a little drying so I like to coat my lips with a moisturizing lip balm (such as EOS) before wearing this. My other all time favorite colors from this collection are “Vintage” which is a bright purple and “Potion” which is the darkest purple and super glam.


Color: Charlotte

Price: $34.00

Nars wins again. They make great lipsticks. What I love about this one: it’s so moisturizing and long lasting. The color is audacious but also it doesn’t dry out my lips! #winning. Check out their other bold lip colors by clicking below.




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